LST / HES Policy (Health, Safety and Security)
LST shall prepare detailed plans and schedules for the execution of project specific H&S requirements and shall include the identification of resources, skills, equipment, and H&S Standards to meet the projects objectives.

A - Key strategies for the execution of project H&S planning includes:

- LST shall promote a Zero Harm philosophy to both on and off site activities;
- Comply at all times with the requirements of the appropriate Regulator;
- Promoting positive health, safety and environmental objectives as constant values in any design, planning, training and executing of the work;
- Expanding the ownership for the health, safety and environmental program and its effectiveness throughout project to all participants;
- Developing the employee’s consistent use of safe practices in their daily work activities through these of integrated and behavioral based H&S systems;
- Optimizing the use of continuous improvement practices as the basis for Zero Harm performance initiatives;
- Establishing world class standards that lead a change in health, safety and environmental culture within the wider community;
- Establishing relationships with any contractors and their employees to promote the full participation and involvement of the H&S system;

B - The project shall ensure that there are systematic processes for:

- Identifying, assessing and controlling hazards and at risk behaviors;
Sufficient job and pre‐task planning and resourcing;
- Effective incident reporting and investigation;
- Continuous improvement of health, safety & environmental performance; through audits and inspections.
- Measuring and providing feedback on the performance and participation in the key aspects of the H&S program;
Setting and reviewing objectives and targets for the achievement of both individuals and teams;
Recognizing and rewarding individual and team excellence in H&S performance;
Defining health, safety & environmental responsibilities and establishing clear guidelines and consequences for non‐compliance.